Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Angels Watchin' Over Me

It's pretty interesting that one of my favorite paintings is by ?? painted in ??--I'm sure none of you know who actually painted this (feel free to correct me here). It's one of my favorites because it was on the wall of one of my sibling's bedrooms growing up. I can remember staring at that thing for long periods of time, thinking...are there really angels? Do they really protect me like that? Of course, in my case, angels were there to protect me from my younger brother, Tyler, who manageed to shoot me through the thumb, knock me down with the claw of a hammer to the eye-socket, something about a throwing knife that I can't seem to remember completely, etc. (we played with interesting items, it appears).
So what is your favorite painting? Favorite artist? Anyone?

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Infarrantly Creative said...

Lately I have been obsessed with Rodney White's stuff. Very vintagey and grungey. You would love it. Check it out:

"Every time I open my eyes, it's an opportunity to see something different."

Ted Williams said...

Never seen his stuff...very cool. Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Ted, by now you must know that when your big little sis wants something or is on a mission of some sort, she usually, but not always, is blessed to get or finds what she is looking for,eventually. That was most likely a run on sentence but here is the point.After checking out google web ferret wins again! It led me to
Harry Anderson is the artist. "I am always with you" is the name of the painting.
Unsure of date of release but in the 1900's.
Just to let you know. There is a small artists bio there.
I have always enjoyed that painting. It has been in my memory as long as I can remember.Thank you for sharing it.

RLeeDude said...

Here's my latest obsession - art wise.
Pedro Roldan,RNFA:1970--2,RNFA:en%26sa%3DN

I've been working up the nerve to try and copy one. The canvas is rough pencil sketched, but I can't pull the trigger.

Anonymous said...

I was trying to find info on the web tonight concerning the same Harry Anderson litho. So funny, this is my favorite picture too as growing up it hung in our home too. I received the litho when my parents passed away and had it in storage until today. I never knew who painted it or the name of the print until I read your web page. Thanks so much!

Ted Williams said...

Anonymous--You can thank my sister for finding the artist who painted it. I couldn't find it either...